Fork Mount Bike Carrier. Pronto Bicycle Trailer.

Fork Mount Bike Carrier

fork mount bike carrier

    bike carrier
  • A bicycle carrier, also commonly called a bike rack, is a device attached to an automobile or bus for transporting bicycles.

  • A rack mounted on the rear of a motorhome to allow you to carry one or more bikes with you.

    fork mount
  • (Fork mounting) An equatorial mount is a mount for instruments that follows the rotation of the sky (celestial sphere) by having one rotational axis parallel to the Earth's axis of rotation . This type of mount is used as mounts for telescopes, satellite dishes, and cameras.

  • A mount where the telescope swings in declination or in altitude between two arms. It is suited only to short telescope tubes, such as Cassegrains, and variations thereof. It requires a wedge to be used equatorially.

  • A vertical bar mounted on a roof rack to hold the front forks of a Bicycle when the front wheel has been removed. The front wheel is subsequently placed in a U-shaped tray

Green Village 2011

Green Village 2011

Town, country, nature

Our aim is to encourage as many people as possible to get on a bike. The environment is of course at the back of our minds but the main motivation for choosing bikes over cars is enjoyment.
For many city dwellers the choice of bike is often a difficult process. Choosing a city bike means weekend off-road trips are compromised. Choosing a full blown mountainbike makes the daily commute to work an excise in rolling resistance torture.
So we’ve created a new category of bike with the Green Village: the Outdoor Bike. Meaningful details like mudguard and carrier mounts, robust components but no superfluous gadgets mean a high level of every-day functionality is guaranteed. A relaxed mountainbike riding position with wide semi-profile tyres and short travel suspension fork make weekend trips and city blasts universally fun.

Holland Bike - Retro-design

Holland Bike - Retro-design

In heavily automobile-oriented societies, we are all familiar with the Mini-Cooper and Volkswagen Beetle as examples of the retro-desgn phenomenon.

In Holland, the same happens with the bicycle. The so-called "Oma Fiets" (Granny Bike) is making a come-back and is touted for sale in every High Street

This one is priced at approx $250 - exclusive of the optional front carrier-frame which is another $35 or so. Also, the headlamp is above the carrier-frame which I was told is not quite "comme il faut" - it shold be mounted on the front fork below the carrier for maximum fashion-awareness.

The label prices it at 169 Euros, but also quotes it at 6 ducats in smaller type

fork mount bike carrier

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