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Dirt Bike Crashes Videos

dirt bike crashes videos

    dirt bike
  • There are many systems for classifying types of motorcycles, describing how the motorcycles are put to use, or the designer's intent, or some combination of the two. Six main categories are widely recognized: cruiser, sport, touring, standard, dual-purpose, and dirt bike.

  • n. an off-road motorcycle. Usually louder than MTBs.

  • A motorcycle designed for use on rough terrain, such as unsurfaced roads or tracks, and used esp. in scrambling

  • trail bike: a lightweight motorcycle equipped with rugged tires and suspension; an off-road motorcycle designed for riding cross country or over unpaved ground

  • A violent collision, typically of one vehicle with another or with an obstacle

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I was on the way to work this morning when I heard a muffled "whump" - a bus crashing into the side of a truck. There are two lanes of traffic turning left at this junction and there is always much tooting of horns as taxis and buses jostle for their right to get round the corner as quickly as they can, and to make matters worse, they all try to beat the lights. It looks like this bus driver tried to beat the lights too, but didn't giv the truck enough room to turn. No-one was hurt, but there was an irate line of traffic down Hope Street, all tooting their horns frantically.

Ah, Glasgow City Centre at rush hour - you can't beat it!

Altona MX Holeshot

Altona MX Holeshot

Number 69... Yup, that's me out front. I'd like to say I made it stick, but nope, one lap of glory is all I got. Taken by Gordie summer of 1990. Sigh, the good old days.

Oh yeah.... the guy who went down in that photo got his leg caught in the back wheel of one of the other bikes and had to be "unwound". He was OK, though. Someone had caught it on video back then.

dirt bike crashes videos

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