Specialized tarmac road bike. Giant allegre road bike.

Specialized Tarmac Road Bike

specialized tarmac road bike

  • Concentrating on a small area of a subject

  • Designed for a particular purpose

  • developed or designed for a special activity or function; "a specialized tool"

  • Highly skilled in a specific field

  • Requiring or involving detailed and specific knowledge or training

  • urticaria · erythema (multiforme · migrans · gyratum repens · annulare centrifugum · ab igne)

    road bike
  • A bicycle that is suitable for use on ordinary roads, as opposed to a mountain bike

  • A motorcycle that meets the legal requirements for use on ordinary roads

  • A road bicycle is similar to a racing bicycle. However, road bikes are built more for endurance and less for fast bursts of speed, which is desired in a racing bicycle. They usually have more gear combinations and fewer hi-tech racing features.

  • A bike with narrow tires best suited for paved roads. Usually noted by drop style bars.

  • (Road biking) Road cycling is the most widespread form of cycling. It takes place primarily on paved surfaces. It includes recreational, racing, and utility cycling.

  • tarmacadam: a paving material of tar and broken stone; mixed in a factory and shaped during paving

  • macadamize: surface with macadam; "macadam the road"

  • A runway or other area surfaced with such material

  • Material used for surfacing roads or other outdoor areas, consisting of crushed rock mixed with tar

  • tarmacadam: a paved surface having compressed layers of broken rocks held together with tar

2007 Specialized Tarmac Expert

2007 Specialized Tarmac Expert

Another shot of my "new-to-me" Specialized Tarmac Expert in Carbon and Yellow. A little faster shutter speed and a little more offset flash made for more contrast. This was actually taken around 7:30 AM.

Specialized Tarmac Pro SL3

Specialized Tarmac Pro SL3

Specialized Tarmac Pro SL3 with Campagnolo Record, Deda comonents and Campagnolo Bora Ultra.

I?m really pleased with my new bike! So I took some shoots of it in the studio.

specialized tarmac road bike

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