Generator Bicycle Light Set. Bike Saddle Angle.

Generator Bicycle Light Set

generator bicycle light set

    bicycle light
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First Ride

First Ride

With no errands to run and no large cargo to carry, I rode the Pelican to work today. At the end of February my office is moving to a building that doesn't allow bikes, so I'll only be able to commute on this beauty until then.

It's not ready for the full bike porn treatment yet - I need a matching saddle (the old green Brooks from my Kogswell does NOT fit the color scheme).

I still need a stem for the second set of handlebars, and to install the V-O constructeur rear rack.

The ride is fantastic. It feels SO light and fast after 2 years of my heavy porteur.

Bareknucle Boxer with Generator Hub

Bareknucle Boxer with Generator Hub

I tried to get a close up of the attachment point, because this is a pretty cool set up. The light is mounted directly to the axle and is not attached to the fork. The excess cable appears to be wrapped around the right fork blade. This is the best picture I could get with my phone...

generator bicycle light set

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